Pence Precision Polishing & Epoxy LLC.

Mastic Glue Removal

When floor mastic removal projects are large scale or difficult, having the right equipment to handle the job is critical. can help you eliminate stubborn black mastics, sticky mastics, and any mastic used to hold down floor tile or floor coverings. We also supply commercial contractors with the best mastic removers for asbestos abatement projects. We are experts in commercial and contractor mastic removal for any tile removal project, look at the various mastic removers we offer. Different mastic removal products take different amounts of time to emulsify the mastic and have different odor levels. Finding which remover is best for your job often depends on if the building is occupied, as well as how quickly you need the remover to turn the mastic into liquid. Enclosed or occupied areas will typically require a low odor or no odor mastic remover. On many projects, each room will present a new challenge in mastic removal. Different mastic removers are required based on the type of mastic you are trying to get up. Black mastic liquefies easily with our No Odor and Low Odor mastic removers, where as tan or yellow mastics require our stronger MA-55 Xtreme! mastic remover. Many times black mastics contain asbestos and require special removal and disposal precautions. We supply an entire line of mastic removal products to suit the needs of any project!!

Then after we remove the glue we have Prepmaster Grinders that can resurface you cement to look like new.  We always suggest a sealer over the concrete.
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